Primrose 3rd dissemination Scotland December 2016

Primrose 3rd dissemination Scotland December 2016

On several days beween 24 and 29 December 2016 I conducted a series of mini-disseminations at the Forth Hotel In Aberfoyle, a large village on the tourist route to Loch Lomond and the West of Scotland. It lies about 40 miles north of Edinburgh.

The manager was pleased to invite me to run the dissemination as I had done a similar one the previous year and the staff involved had greatly appreciated it.

Being in a popular tourist area the village gets a lot of foreign visitors and the staff are pleased to be able to improve whatever language skills they already possess.

As the hotel was too busy to allow many of the staff to attend a larger group event, I was forced to give a series of mini-disseminations to staff members in ones and twos.  This had the advantage that each could ask questions and each could “have a go” accessing the platform, and trying  the apps and the digital maps.  They found this really motivating.

Exercises that they found particularly appealing were those where they started at a particular point on one of the digital maps, had to move through various streets and then had to say what building or feature they ended up facing.

They were most grateful when I provided them with the links so they could access the project platform and could also download the 4 apps and the maps themselves..

They made a point of asking me to return and give them another session next time I am in the area.

David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   23rd -29th December 2016