9th Dissemination: March 2017

9th Dissemination: MaRch 2017 School in Naturno Italy

This dissemination sprang out of  an unexected encounter. On the day I was beginning my journey home from Kurzras in Italy I was in the station at Naturno having a problem buying a ticket from the ticket machine for the electric train to Merano.

A kind local woman, Margit Blaas offered to help and showed me the rather complex procedure. She was also going to Merano, so we got talking and continued to talk in the train.  She turned out to be a teacher in the local school and was particularly keen to help her students improve their language skills. She spoke both Italian and German as native languages. She also has good written English though did not mention it till we started emailing.

As we talked, she got more and more interested in our project and we spent several hours together. I gave her a considerable dissemination.

Since then we have exchanged many emails and I have told her how to access materal from our elearning web-site. She is interested in my giving a full dissemination to her language colleagues on my next visit and maybe to her students, too.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   March 2017