8th Dissemination: March 2017

8th Dissemination: March 2017 Thomas Rainer  Kurzras Italy

Thomas was the Receptionist and assistant manager of the first hotel I stayed at, in Kurzras.  We got on very well together and became good friends. Sadly the owner sold the hotel. Thomas lost his job because the new owner had his own staff, and I moved to a different hotel for my future visits.

Thomas moved to a hotel in a village further down the valley, the Goldenes Kreuz, and became the assistant hotel manager.  I visited him there and gave several disseminations. On this visit I invited him to dinner in the Hotel Gurschler and we had a really enthusiastic evening together.  It became my 8th dissemination because he wanted to have me demonstrate a number of things that he was especially interested in.

It became a very excited evening and the rest of the hotel guests were surprised by the enthusiasm that was aroused. He says he often demonstrates the digital maps because so many people enjoy playing with them.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   March 2017