6th Dissemination: March 2017

6th Dissemination: March 2017:  Piccolo Hotel Gurschler, Kurzras, Italy

To the Hotel staff.

A number of mini-disseminations were given to members of the hotel staff.  Most of them had worked in the hotel for the twenty years that I have been staying there and were all very friendly and interested.

They have attended many disseminations in the past and are always keen to learn of the latest materials that we have created.  They have been there a long time and have all attended previous disseminations.


Few of the staff in a hotel are free at the same time so I was giving mini-disseminations to small groups on specific things: the elearning platform, the digital maps, the 4 apps, the lists of 50 dishes and so on. They found the tasks and exercises on the Hotel Plans very useful as they were relevant to their daily contacts with their hotel guests


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   March 2017