5th Dissemination: March 2017

5th Dissemination: March 2017:  Piccolo Hotel Gurschler, Kurzras, Italy

To the family running the hotel.

It was snowing almost the entire week so I was forced to spend most of the time in the hotel interacting with the staff.  I have been going there for twenty years and the family that runs the hotel treats me as one of the family.


The eldest daughter, Martina, is responsible for finance and deputises for her mother who owns the hotel. Her two brothers are very energetic. One runs the bar and the other is the technology expert. The younger sister helps the mother run the kitchen and restaurant. They have all been very interested in our two projects and are always keen to learn about the new materials that we are creating. I have a ready audience and they are enthusiastic and very friendly. I spent much of the week doing a series of mini disseminations to them and to the rest of the staff.


My 87th birthday occurred on the Friday and the afternoon dissemination was interrupted by the presentation of a wonderful birthday cake.


Martina, the elder daughter, regards herself as the project’s unofficial representative as she is really interested to help promote the project to their hotel guests.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   March 2017