12th Dissemination: Teacher from Devon May 2017

12th Dissemination: Teacher from Devon May 2017

On 4th May Josephine Bickle spent three hours at Danes Vale having a special dissemination.  She was anxious to learn as much as possible about the materials that we have been creating in this second project.  She was already enthusiastic after seeing what we produced in our previous project.  I have known her some time.

She lives in Exeter in the south-west of Britain and she was spending a week with her daughter who Is a teacher in London.  She herself is now retired but keeps in touch with many of her colleagues. Her daughter was also keen to learn as much as possible about the latest materials and Josephine was planning to give her a detailed demonstration of the new materials that she was discovering.

She was particularly impressed with the exercises based on the digital maps and on the related Hotel Plans. She thought these would really impress the language teachers and be hugely exciting for the students.

She was very taken with the intercultural case-studies and thought these would help students appreciate the need to understand some of the strange attitudes held by foreigners.

She took details for accessing the elearning platform and the digital maps so that she could demonstrate the content not only to her daughter but to the many teacher friends and colleagues that she is constantly in touch with.

Josephine is a real enthusiast and a great talker and is an ideal person to promote our materials and ideas. She has a wide circle of useful contacts and is a lover of the French language. She travels widely and knows much of Europe.

She did not want me to take photos because she has problems with her teeth and a photo would have embarrassed her.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   4th May 2017