11th Primrose Dissemination: Riga 29Apr 2017

11th Primrose Dissemination: Riga 29Apr 2017

On the final day of our project meeting in Riga in April 2017 I gave a dissemination to a teacher from the Languages Centre of the University of Latvia in Riga. It took place at the hotel where the partners were staying on the evening of the outing to the National Park.

The teacher was Laimdota Locmele, who was already very familiar with the materials that we created in our previous project. She was especially interested in learning about the developments of those materials and the new ones that we have started in this project.

Her main subject is English but she is also involved in other languages. Her students are familiar with the smartphone apps developed in the earlier project and they are always keen to learn of new developments. They find the digital maps a major attraction.  She was not familiar with the exercises based on the hotel plans and on the maps themselves and when she heard about them she felt sure that they would prove a major attraction to her students.

She expressed particular interest in the case studies as she makes a point of highlighting cultural differences in her language teaching.

She had planned to come with one of her colleagues in the Language Centre but it was quite late when we finally decided to meet on the Saturday evening.  Sadly this was not convenient for her colleague.

She hopes to take up the offer that I have made a number of times for her to bring a group of colleagues and students to Cambridge University for one of the six-day courses that I run at Selwyn College. These courses provide a great opportunity to promote our project and demonstrate the materials that we have created.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   29th April 2017