First meeting of the new EU project in Slovenia


The first meeting of the new EU project which began on in 1st September 2016 was held from 13-15 October 2016 at the Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, in the small market town of Muska Sobota, in north-eastern Slovenia near the Austrian border opposite Graz.

Those attending included colleagues from the six partners in the previous project: Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. Also present were representatives from the three new partners: Lithuania, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the meeting was to renew former contacts, get to know new colleagues and discuss the aims and activities of the new project.

The prime objective of the new project would be to continue the work of the previous project (Key Skills for EU Hotel Staff, with the emphasis on language skills). This would entail adding four new languages to the earlier twelve in which most of the elearning materials had been developed.

The four new languages, Lithuanian, Turkish, Czech and Swedish would also be added to the four smartphone apps and the three digital maps created in the earlier project. In the same way, descriptions of 50 national dishes would be added from the cuisines of the four countries whose languages were being added: Turkey, Lithuania, Swedish and the Czech reproblic. These descriptions would be translated into the other 12 languages, and the descriptions of the 50 national dishes already done in the other 12 languages in the previous project would be translated into the four new languages.

The new partners were introduced to the project web-site and the elearning platform as well as to the smartphone apps and the digital maps. Some time was spent on explaining and discussing blended-learning and case-studies – both of direct relevance to the new project.

Venues and dates were agreed for the four further project meetings. These would be held in Vilnius in January 2017, Časlav in the Czech Republic in April 2017, Riga in September 2017 with the final meeting in Dubrovnik in June 2018.

David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                    17 November 2016