Emailing campaign Sep-Nov 2017

Emailing campaign Sep-Nov 2017

I have conducted a series of email campaigns to colleagues in universities, schools, companies and hotels that I have maintained close contact with for the past twenty years.

My messages have prompted serious interest from many of them, resulting in extensive exchanges of emails, answering questions and resulting in further questions.

In this period I have sent emails, detailing the main materials that we have created, to contacts all over Europe, including Turkey and Russia.  They include:

– Over 200 contacts in universities and colleges, many of whom have been partners in

EU projects that I have been involved in, in the past 25 years

– Over 100 contacts in schools and educational bodies that use my language ……programs in their computer labs

– 20 companies

– a selection of hotels in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Italy and Austria.


David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                    Sept – Nov 2017