Senales, Italy, Nov 2014


Report on dissemination in Senales, Italy, Nov 2014


This was the first opportunity to do a dissemination in the project and it was an excellent opportunity to explain to hotel staff what we were planning to achieve.

Since the apps and the Front Desk programs were going to be extensions of the computer program and apps called “Travellers’ Questions” in 7 languages that Primrose Publishing had already created and were actively promoting in a number of countries, it was possible for members of the hotel staff not only to see how the new Front Desk would look like on the computer screen but could also see how the new apps might appear.

An overview was given of the project and what we were planning to accomplish and rough sketches were shown of the new digital maps and how they might be used.

Since it was a very busy time for the hotel, it was difficult to get a number of them together for a joint presentation. Instead they came individually or in pairs and sat with me at my laptop. I was able to show them how the existing materials looked and explain how they could be of practical value to those working in a hotel. A few of them already had my Tick-Tack software and one had my Travellers’ Questions app.