Primrose 4th Dissemination Lithuania January 2017

Primrose 4th Dissemination Lithuania January 2017

On 29th January I had a meeting with two university tutors. Olga Medvedeva is a close friend and colleague who teaches English at Vilnius University. The other tutor was Lara Uralova who teaches Russian. She has close links with a university in Moscow. I had not met her before.

I spent the evening with them and used it for a mini-dissemination as they were extremely keen to find out what we are doing in our Erasmus+ project and to explore the material to see what they would find useful in their teaching.

I gave them details of the items that I felt they would find especially useful for their students as well as a list of links so they could access the platform and also download the 4 apps and the digital maps. They were both fascinated and impressed.

They have agreed to provide feed-back on their students’ reactions.

David Sephton

Director,  Primrose Publishing Ltd                   29th January 2017