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Good news for all who work in hotels or are engaged in tourism!

Improve your language skills with these innovative new materials:

– 4 computer programs in 12 languages

– 4 smartphone apps in 12 languages

– 3 digital maps with links in 12 languages

– an extensive eLearning platform with tasks in 12 languages

and a special section on advanced English

“Front Desk” computer programs

Four very useful computer programs have been developed called “Front Desk”. They contain 600 questions asked by hotel guests with two alternative answers to each. They can be displayed in any of the 12 languages. They are based on the three locations in the digital maps. The fourth one is called “Restaurant”.

Banner screen    Demo screen

To download FrontDesk from the Primrose web-site, click this link:

It takes less than a minute to download the zip-file. Decide which folder to put the zip-file in. It is called “”..  Double-click it to un-zip it. The 4 programs are in the one folder called “FrontDesk”. Double-click it to open it. Start it by clicking either of the start-files: start-A.exe or start-B.exe. Both should work.

Smartphone apps

Four apps have been created using the questions and answers of the Front Desk program, but presented in a different way enabling users to access them very speedily on their smartphone or tablet.

Click here to download the 4 apps

For a powerpoint presentation of the apps, click here:

Guidelines for using the programs

Guide texts for using Front Desk, the apps and the digital maps can be accessed at any time within each of the 3 programs. The full App Guidelines text is also displayed each time you start each of the apps.

Colourful digital maps

3 maps specially created for language teachers & learners

Each has 100 links with texts in 12 languages – entirely free!!

Developed for hotel & tourism staff & students – they include a wide range of vocabulary and phrases used by hotel staff and their guests.

Village map   Seaside map   Ski Resort map

Try them. Open your browser and type:

This displays the 3 maps. Click the map that you want to try first.

As you slide your mouse over the map it displays texts in English.  To see the texts in any of the other eleven languages, click the blue “Choose language” link above the map.

A range of exercises is available for each map in all 12 languages.  Here are some exercises in English:

Here are some notes on using the maps:

For a powerpoint presentation of the maps, download:

eLearning Platform     

This contains a wealth of material for use by teachers and students with exercises and tasks in 12 languages.  A special section provides exercises for advanced English. 

Our project web-site

All this new material, and much more, has been developed in an exciting 2-year European project by the following partners:

Tourism & Catering School Dubrovnik (Croatia )

Turiba University, Riga (Latvia)

IPSSA Nino Bergese Catering School, Genoa (Italy)

Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Ekonomiska Šola, Murska Sobota  (Slovenia)

Primrose Publishing Ltd (UK)


David Sephton

Primrose Publishing Ltd