Project meeting in Genoa April 2016


Project meeting in Genoa April 2016


The fifth meeting of partners was held in Genoa on 21 and 22 April 2016.

It was held in the conference room of the Astoria Hotel in the ancient city of Genoa on the western coast if Italy.

It was attended by two people from each of the partner countries, though just one from the UK and three from Croatia and the host organization IPSSA Nino Bergese.

Since much of the project’s work was nearing completion, a good part of the meeting was taken up with reviewing the stage reached in each of the main activities and noting any further action that was still required in order to complete what was agreed to do.

Some discussion centred on how the DVD should be finalized in view of the fact that the decision to use the best possible method of creating the eLearning Platform to achieve a really impressive result meant that it was not possible for students, when working from the DVD, to carry out the tasks in quite the same way as direct from the eLearning Platform.

An example was demonstrated of the digital map for the Ski Resort with one of the  link-texts containing an image, so that when the user clicked the link after reading the link-text, a colourful photo was displayed on the screen relating to the object in question.

In order for partners to decide whether to have such photos available on many of the link-texts, or to abandon the idea, it was agreed that further photos would be made accessible from the three maps in the coming weeks.

Arrangements for the final meeting in Slovenia were discussed, and details were agreed for the final Multiplier Events which partners would organize in their own country in the later part the project.

A final celebration dinner was arranged by the hosts at their school where some of the teaching staff joined us and gave us a short tour of the facilities.

A speech of welcome was made by the Deputy Head,

The get-together ended with a visit to the 10th century abbey in the tiny cove of San Fruttuoso and a conducted tour of the mediaeval city in the capable hands of some senior students from the host school.

David Sephton

Primrose Publishing Ltd