Primrose Newsletter – February 2016


Primrose Newsletter – February 2016


Dear friends and colleagues,


The purpose of this newsletter is to update you on some of the materials that we have been creating for our EU Hotels project.


We are delighted to tell you that at last we have the 4 smartphone apps, the 4 Front Desk programs and the 3 interactive digital maps fully operational and working well.


Of course there may well be some further small modifications that we decide to incorporate but in principle these particular products are close to the final versions that will be available.


This letter is being sent primarily to those who have taken part in our Primrose disseminations and have expressed a wish to be able to try, on their own, the products in question.


You are welcome to download some or all of them, using the following web-links.


To download the 4 apps, click the following link:


To download the Front Desk programs, click this link:


To access the 3 digital maps on-line, type this web-address:


Click any of the 3 maps to display them. Slide your mouse across the map to open each of the link-texts


All of the items have full user guides included in them.


We hope you have time to try them – and like what you see.  We should be very pleased to hear your reactions and comments and those of your students and fellow-teachers.


If you need help just send us an email.


Primrose Publishing Ltd

David Sephton