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  Euro-Skills courses "at Cambridge University"

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" CLIL - Use English to teach your subjects " / " Great opportunities for Japanese"

 日本の友人に新たなるチャンスを!    外国語学習会


We are Primrose Publishing (Cambridge, England). For 30 years we have been producing highly-acclaimed programs for teaching English and other languages in schools, colleges, universities, companies and international organizations all over Europe and North America.

The new TT2014 Tick-Tack DVD

Continuing its highly-successful progress, Tick-Tack is now available in a much-enhanced version: TT2014. It includes programs in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Now covering 50 languages, the 36 different programs range from the simplest "Survival" and "ABC" programs for total beginners to the latest "Mechanical Engineering" - from programs for Business and Tourism to programs for Email, CV, Informatics, Telephone, Teaching, Shopping and Cuisine Menus.

7 programs in Arabic have recently been added to the range. They can be used by those wanting to learn or improve their Arabic as well as by Arabic-speakers wishing to improve their skills in any of the other 50 languages, from Basque to Swahili.

The TT2014 DVD includes, in the Cuisine-Menus programs, simulations of three of the new Tick-Tack smartphone apps. Bon app├ętit offers short descriptions in English of 4000 restaurant dishes covering 20 European cuisines, including those of Turkey, Russia, Greece and other popular tourist destinations. It is accompanied by multilingual lexicons for both food and fish.

The 36 Tick-Tack programs meet a wide range of language needs. They run under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. They can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Tick-Tack Tech
A range of programs is now available for technology and engineering.  The series is called "Tick-Tack Tech". The first program is for mechanical engineering. It is fully-developed and is already included on the DVD.

The name Tick-Tack

The name Tick-Tack stands for "Tomorrow's Instant Correspondence Kit".  It was originally developed to speed-up business correspondence. Clocks say "tic-tac, tic-tac," in many languages. The name underlines the fact that the programs save time.