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We at Primrose Publishing, Cambridge, with our dedicated team around the world, are delighted and proud to announce the launch of

Dr Tick-Tack

our new Doctor & Patient smartphone app

the latest addition to our Tick-Tack range of innovative language materials.

Until recently our 36 language programs covering more than fifty languages have been marketed on DVD to universities, colleges, schools, companies and educational organizations across the world.

Many of these programs are now being converted and re-introduced as smartphone apps to add to the existing series of Tick-Tack apps now available.

We have been developing ground-breaking language programs on computer since 1975. We believe we were the first to market computer programs for business in Mandarin.

For details of our new app - select one of these:

  1. Description of the app - and its dual purpose

  2. Screenshots on a tablet

  3. Screenshots on a smartphone

  4. A patient creates his medical history in Japanese
    - his medical history in Japanese

  5. It is automatically re-created in Russian, Armenia & English
    - his medical history in Russian
    - his medical history in Armenian
    - his Medical history in English

  6. The app’s Help Text in 6 languages
    English, Italiano, Français, Deutch, and Español.

  7. The app as a computer program – ideal for use in medical schools

  8. Info files in other languages
    Italian, Croatian, Portuguese, Deutch, Francaise, Español, Russian, Chinese, Czech and Malay.

  9. Our New Range of Smartphone Apps

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