Tick-Tack Training Sessions

Our detailed training sessions are primarily intended for those who already have our programs, or are in the process of acquiring them. However, others who are seriously interested are also welcome. They are provided free of charge to teachers, and in some circumstances to others too.

The training sessions can be arranged, at short notice if need be, during the week, at the week-end or in the holidays. They are held here in Danes Vale, that is our home and offices, not far from Cambridge.

They are informal, but intense, and generally last about two hours, though the timing is flexible. Most people arrive for coffee mid-morning, join us for lunch and leave soon after, having absorbed as much information as they can digest. But there is no particular time limit.

To ensure maximum hands-on practice, personal tuition is given on a one-to-one (or two-to-one) basis. For this reason, we limit the sessions to no more than two people: ideally two colleagues, one a linguist and one an IT specialist.

The tuition is based on the 25 programs in the Tick-Tack range, and can be given using computers using Windows XP and Vista. Laptops  are on hand if required.

Instruction is tailored to individual needs and ranges from first steps in computing for the complete novice to advanced word-processing and multimedia work for the specialist.

The emphasis is on exploiting the computer for language teaching, and language learning, whether for Russian, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or other languages.

The aim is to help senior staff to improve their confidence in handling computers and to learn valuable techniques for using IT in the class-room for serious language work.

Sessions include advanced instruction on using the Internet,  and a tour of some Web Sites to locate and download useful language material.

There is ample opportunity to try out the software, and to browse through our wide range of teachers' manuals. 

All that is needed is an email or telephone call to agree the date and time.

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