In Town

Yesterday I went into town with my mother to do some shopping. We caught the bus at 9 o'clock and got off at St Peter's church, near the town centre.

There were a lot of people about so it took us longer than we expected.

By chance we ran into Mary in the post office. I had not seen her since the start of the holidays. We decided to meet for lunch after we had both finished our shopping.

Mum suggested the new self-service restaurant in the High Street. It has only been open for a few weeks and she wanted to see what it was like. We arranged to see her there but Mary was ten minutes late, as usual, and full of apologies.

We had an omelette and salad, and a cup of coffee, and we chatted for over an hour.

There was such a lot to talk about. So much has happened since I last saw her.

She had to leave just before 2.0 as she has a holiday job helping at the library.

As it was a nice warm day we decided to sit in the public gardens for a while before catching the bus home.

Guess what? I went and left my umbrella on the bus. That is the second time this year. I daren't tell my father. He would be very cross.

I must ask at the left-luggage office in case someone has handed it in.

Enough for today. Write soon,

Much love,