List of projects funded by the European Commission involving Primrose Publishing
(including some Ministry contracts) 


Socrates - Erasmus

Lifelong Learning Programme






Creating a New Historical Perspective: EU and the Wider World



- to develop learning and teaching of EU history itself, including European integration and expansion

- to promote knowledge of the links with the histories of other continents too

- to provide tools and materials to assist universities in accomplishing these objectives and in monitoring the quality of their provision


Partners 60: 59 European Universities and Primrose Publishing


Project number 142816-LLP-1-2008-1-IT-ENW


reating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History agenda.
Thematic network disseminating results of History materials.

Objectives: Creating resources to bring new insights into History teaching/learning.

 Time Frame:
2000-2001: Planning
2001-2002: Development
2002-2003: Testing
2003-2004:  Dissemination year

Partners: 38 European universities

Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for enhancing Historical Perspective in European Culture.
An Erasmus Thematic

Objectives: to increase and enhance critical, comparative, historical perspective in European education and in general culture.

Time Frame:

2001-2002: first year
2002-2003: second year
2003-2004: planned third year
2004-2005: planned dissemination year

 Partners: 58 (from 1st October 2002), from all eligible countries

Project numbers


Culture 2000

CLIOH’s Workshop I and II are Culture 2000 projects presented by the University of Pisa publishing house on behalf of CLIOH and CLIOHnet

CLIOH’s Workshop I :
Innovative multilingual textbooks and learning materials for comparing and connecting the histories of European peoples.

CLIOH’s Workshop II :
Innovative Books and Multimedial Materials for Comparing and Connecting the Histories of European Peoples.

Partners: 70 universities  

e-Learning project

eHLEE (eHistory Learning Environment and Evaluation)


eHLEE is an eLearning project successfully presented to the European Commission by the University of Turku, in partnership with the Universities of Uppsala, Hannover, Alcalá de Henares, Bologna and Pisa, the Finnish Virtual University and Primrose Publishing, on behalf of CLIOHnet. The Universities of Siegen and Karlsruhe joined the project.

The project was the result of the work and planning of CLIOHnet Task Force C. The contact person for the project is Tapio Onnela in Turku. Carla Salvaterra in Bologna is the leader of CLIOHnet Task Force C.

The project began on 1st September 2004 with an end-date of 30th April 2006.

The partners in the project have created a ten-week on-line pilot course on Identities in European History.for 80 students from the participating universities. The course was run between Oct 2005 and Jan 2006. 

The partners have also carried out research into on-line history courses available in their respective countries and each has written case-studies on two of them.  This is being published both on the project's web-site and in book form.

Project meetings were held in Uppsala (Sept 2004),  Bologna (Feb. 2005),  Pisa (May 2005), Karlsruhe (Sep. 2005) and Alcalá (Jan. 2006). The final meeting took place in Turku (Apr. 2006).

The Objectives of eHLEE are:

- to collect information on experiences of both domestic and international eLearning platforms of Cliohnet members

- to develop new methods and practices of European level eLearning courses and platforms of history studies

- to disseminate the best practice methods and experience to Cliohnet member universities

- to enhance the uses of virtual teaching of history in Europe among Cliohnet and in other departments of history

- to experiment in practice the ways in which courses based on European collaboration can meet the expectations of the Bologna process so as to enhance comparability and mobility within Europe

- to create an alternative base for collaborative courses and increase co-operation among European history departments.

A 20-month project to research best practice in designing history courses on the Internet and to create an on-line university history course.

Project number
2003 – 4716 / 001 / 001 EDU ELEARN

Promotics projects I & II

Project numbers:
A/00/B/F/LA-124.036 PROMOTICS II

4-year project to develop advanced language software on CD and on-line for teachers and students preparing for internationally-recognized examinations in Business and in Tourism .

Leonardo Mobility 

Project number
RO/2002/PL 89129/EX

Training course & workshop for ten teacher-trainers from Romania in using information technology in the class-room.

Leonardo Mobility

Training course for Polish language teacher in using Tick-Tack software and on-line resources

Training course for 20 Romanian language teachers in using Tick-Tack to enhance motivation through blended learning by integrating sophisticated software into tradional class-room teaching.

Ministry of Education, Austria

5 contracts, the first starting in 1993: 2100 schools

Ministry of Education, Lithuania

2000  20 schools

2001  20 schools

‏2004‏‏  Pilot Project

Ministry of Education, Denmark

Contract for Russian software 50 schools 1998