City tour

Speech of welcome by the local guide

Hello everybody. I hope you can all here me.

My name is Mary. I am one of the three local guides that will accompany you on a conducted walk round the city tomorrow morning. The other guides are Peter and Tracy.

The tour starts at 10 o'clock sharp and lasts about two hours. We will assemble outside the hotel entrance. We will split up into three groups to make it easier for you to hear what is being said.

Unless you are wearing a waterproof anorak, I suggest you bring a raincoat or umbrella as the forecast is not too promising. And wear stout walking shoes if you can.

Don't forget your camera as there will be lots of opportunities to take pictures.

We will have a look at the cathedral, walk through the botanical gardens, and visit the fruit and vegetable market. The tour takes us past the war memorial and along the river.

The tour will end at the Shakespeare tea-room in the main square where you will be able to enjoy a slice of our famous Dundee cake.

Tracy is the history expert. So, if any of you are interested in historical details I suggest that you ask to join her group so that you can pick her brains.

A word of advice. There are morning services in the cathedral, so please be specially quiet when we are there so as not to disturb the worshippers.

If anyone would like a plan of the city showing the route we will be following, I will be happy to give you one afterwards.

If you are interested to read more about our fascinating city and all its wonderful buildings and ancient monuments there is an illustrated guide on sale at the reception desk. It costs £2.50.

I hope you will enjoy the tour. See you in the morning, 10 o'clock sharp. Try not to be late!