AD79: a new challenge for Latin learners

All three programs are now available in the AD79 series to help Latin teachers and their pupils. They are designed to enhance motivation and to provide extensive practice for those needing to improve their knowledge of Latin and their confidence in handling it.

Cambridge Latin Course

Whilst the programs will be found valuable by anyone involved with teaching or learning Latin, the text material will be of particular use to those who are studying the Cambridge Latin Course. The software consists of three programs: magister reflects the vocabulary and grammar in Stages 1-16, grammaticus those in Stages 17-28 and rhetor those in Stages 29-40. Each of the programs can be supplied on its own.

Part of the Tick-Tack range

Initially available for use with Windows, the new Latin software consists of a sophisticated multilingual word processor, an extensive library of sentences in Latin and English, and a wealth of on-screen exercises.

Users scroll through the library of sentences, section by section, in English or Latin, select the ones they want (or need for the exercises), display them on the screen, work on them and then print out the result.

All the word-processing menus can be displayed in English or Latin (and 12 other languages). Users can switch between them at will.

Practical exercises

Each program offers a wide range of exercises, accessed by clicking on the Tasks button on the Menu bar. They are designed to test knowledge on specific points of vocabulary and grammar covered by the particular section of the program currently selected. On-screen answers are provided.


To add interest, the exercises contain colour photographs taken in Pompeii, and other classical sites. These, along with the Latin texts, can be printed out and then displayed in the class-room or taken home.

Flexible working

Teachers can add their own material, and create additional exercises. Students using the programs for private study can select appropriate exercises to work on, or they can scroll through the sentences, choose the ones they want and work on them to create their own interesting texts.

Free training

Detailed training on the use of the software is provided to interested teachers, free of charge, at our home and offices not far from Cambridge.

Home use

Teachers using the programs in school are welcome to take a free copy of the software for their own personal use.

Pupils can purchase a copy of the software on attractive terms for use on their own computer at home.


Each of the three programs is available at 49. When two of the programs are ordered at the same time, the combined price is 75. For the three programs ordered together, the price is 110. A site licence simply doubles the price. P+P and VAT are charged extra.

The programs will be supplied to schools free of charge for a limited period for serious evaluation.


For further details, sample texts and a selection of exercises, please contact the author at Primrose Publishing.