Topics covered by the 4 main
Tick-Tack programs


Starter program Everyday program Business program Travel & Tourism program
Faces and features To start with Opening sentences Opening sentences
Questions General General sentences General sentences
Getting started Family Sales literature Travel documents
The family Home Prices Hotel bookings
Home Home-town Delivery Hotel facilities
Our home-town Hobbies & interests Forwarding & insurance Flights & air travel
Hobbies Sports & games Export finance Rail travel
Sports Animals & pets Service & spares Bus & coach travel
Animals Language learning Complaints Tavelling by car
Writing letters Writing letters Accounts Camping &caravans
Health Health Overseas agents Ships & ferries
The weather The weather Personnel & training Cruising
At the week-end Week-ends Travel Accidents & medical
Holidays Holidays Exhibitions & publicity Local amenities
School School Administration & sundry Sports facilities
To end Computer Closing sentences Sight-seeing
  To end   Group bookings
      Conferences & functions
      Reserving accommodation
      Dealing with complaints
      Making complaints
      Closing sentences
On-screen exercises On-screen exercises On-screen Tasks On-screen Tasks