Web-note for 2clix  27 May 2018

Latest News

Purchasing Dr Tick-Tack on Google Play is now simpler.

The Basic version now contains 15 major Languages used in Europe and spoken in places visited by large numbers of foreign tourists where the Dr Tick-Tack app should be of the greatest use to doctors and patients. They are: English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese Croatian Slovenian Greek Russian Polish Czech Estonian Romanian and Turkish.

The new system: 

1. the Basic version with 15 languages and two glossaries costs £0.70 (plus tax)

2. the Full version with 30 languages and 5 glossaries costs a further £0.70 plus tax).


No mention is being made of the “Major Updates” until the first of them is ready.  These include the wide range of new materials that we are planning to introduce, such as many new smartphone apps, and sentences and glossaries for hospitals, dentistry and other services.