Dr Tick-Tack as a computer program


This new computer program has been created to enable the extensive medical material developed for the app to be used in universities, Medical Schools and Nurses Training Colleges where demonstrations need to be made to groups in a class-room and where the students can use the program on their PCs or laptops both in class and when doing private study.

It is based on the latest Tick-Tack technology used for a wide-range of our programs.

The sentences are not selected as in the app by choosing a few letters in a key word but by displaying the full sentences available section by section. This is especially valuable when the userís main interest is to learn what doctors and nurses say to patients in another language and what patients say to doctors and medical staff in another language.

By contrast the main purpose of the app is to help doctor and patient prepare for a particular meeting face-to-face and to help during that meeting. Also to create a medical history and have it automatically re-created in another language.