Dr Tick-Tack has been developed to help doctors who have a problem treating patients who speak a foreign language. It has been extended to enable patients to communicate effectively and in detail with doctors and nurses who don’t speak their language.  All the material for the app has been created in 30 languages.


In short: with this app, doctors and patients who speak different languages can communicate effectively and in detail.  Even if only one of them has the app, it still works. They each use the same device in turn - and there is no need to change the languages. The app searches in source & destination.


Anyone who lives abroad, is abroad on holiday, who falls ill, or has a medical condition, or is involved in an accident, can describe their problem in their own language and at the same time see it displayed automatically in any of the other languages.


Patients can also create their complete medical history in their own language and at the same time see it re-created automatically in any of the thirty languages. This saves the doctor asking lots of questions, greatly reduces the time needed and ensures correct understanding. Don’t wait till you have an accident or feel unwell – create it before you travel.


The app consists of the things that doctors and patients need to say to each other: describing problems, asking questions, giving answers and offering advice. It provides many hundreds of sentences, and extensive glossaries giving names of illnesses and parts of the body, countless medical terms, and phrases useful in creating your medical history.. Every item has its own unique code-number and everything has been created in the main European languages as well as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Armenian, and Uzbek.


Regular updates will be available in order to build the app into a major resource for the medical world that enhances the skills and efficiency of doctors and nurses, helps patients get treated more quickly, and boosts the confidence of travellers. 


Users select their mother tongue and their desired target language. They then type on their smartphone or tablet the key word that they need, such  as: heart, chest, stomach, ankle, sprain, agony, itch, etc. The app then displays all sentences containing that word. Users scroll down and tap the sentence they want. This displays it on its own, in both the user’s own language and in the target language selected. You can also build up sentences using individual phrases.


You can just display one sentence and show it to the doctor, or to the patient, to read.  Or you can create a text with many sentences. Tapping a sentence inserts it into an email text.


If you wish to create more, you clear the screen and search for the next sentence – and add it to the text. You can see the text that you have created – in both languages. You can save it for future use or send it to your laptop if you want to edit it or print it.


If you have some knowledge of the language, you can read the sentence out loud, or you can learn useful phrases, and so improve your language skills.


Dr Tick-Tack is offered as a basic app with 15 of the most important European languages and two glossaries. This costs “£0.70” plus tax. The Full version with all 30 languages and three extra glossaries costs a further “£0.70” plus tax. “Major Updates” will be available on a regular basis.  These include a wide range of new materials that we are planning to introduce, including new smartphone apps, sentences and glossaries for hospitals, dentistry and other services, and possibly new languages.


The app is part of an extensive range of language apps being developed by Primrose Publishing, from the 36 computer programs covering 50 languages marketed for over 40 years, under the name Tick-Tack, to universities, education authorities, companies and schools, all over the world.


Further details and help are available on the Primrose Publishing

web-site now being updated.



      David Sephton, Primrose Publishing, Danes Vale, Wethersfield, CM7 4AH, England